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 Antanique Landry is, and has been, at the forefront of the urban Health & Fitness Renaissance in Houston, Texas. A trainer for over 5 years Landry is eager to support people as they take their bodies back!  Fitness is not just a fad and Antanique’s life motto is “Keep Moving”, a motto befitting a trainer, pro-body builder, athlete and mother.

With an astonishing number of social media followers  and state wide clientele, it would be easy to believe that money is the motivation for such a dedicated work ethic in a 75 billion dollar industry; however, Antanique believes “Health Is the Real Wealth.” While money and fame have their uses, they’re fleeting and Antanique encourages her foundation of clients and online supporters to value their health and wellbeing above all else.

This method of thinking and personal dedication has allowed her to sore past the ranks of being just an average trainer, to the elite level of being not only a trainer, but living evidence of a woman who practices what she preaches, and competes as an IFBB Bikini Pro Body Builder.

 Antanique began working out and lifting in high school. She played a plethora of sports and committed then to remaining healthy and sharing this lifestyle with friends, family, and associates. Her approach is holistic in nature, with views and practices that she trusts enough to use with her beautiful pre-teen daughter, who often trains and leads workshops with her! Fitness isn’t only for adults, it’s for children too!

Through the implementation of appropriate food regimes and the exercises she’s placed her clients on and guided them through, Antanique has seen enough to believe wholeheartedly that, most illnesses can be cured through proper diet and exercise.

Fitness is important for all ages and there’s never a time that’s too late to start. Antanique will build your workout regime to fit your lifestyle, schedule, and personal goals. She won’t just run you through a workout in the gym, she genuinely knows that fitness is a lifestyle, and she guides her clients to attain the lifestyles and changes they desire through well planned training sessions and nutritional guidance.